Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: Day 2, Part 6-Rocky Auto and the Heritage Hybrids

One of the booths that i always make a point to visit during the Auto Salon has always been Rocky Auto’s. Apart from seeing what cars they have decided to bring to the show, Mr Rocky Auto himself is usually at the stand ready to open up the cars for visitors to have a peep and ready to chat cars with anyone who greets him. His passion and enthusiasm clearly shines through in these conversations and you can see him beaming with pride whenever someone mentions their love for his cars.

 photo P1180959.jpg
This year he has brought along two very interesting vehicles to the show, one of which is this white shapely beauty which to most casual observers looks to be a very lovely (and currently very valuable) Toyota 2000GT.

 photo P1180946.jpg
No fault to anyone for thinking so, because the bodywork on this car is exceptional and apart from the deeper set wheels, looks pretty much identical to the real deal.

 photo P1180946.jpg
Until you get up close and personal of course and spot a rather unfamiliar interior and a rather modern steering wheel. Then you glance at the brief spec sheet and see that it’s running on a Hybrid engine? Turns out that this is no Toyota 2000GT, but a complete replica built by Watanabe-san called the Rocky Auto Hybrid Vehicle, or RHV for short.

 photo P1180974.jpg
And a very very complete replica at that. With a bodyshell made from fiberglass using molds based on the vintage original. I’m guessing even with a Hybrid engine inside, this lightweight hybrid will probably still be a fun car for the occasional run up and down the passes. Perhaps for the owners of the real Toyota 2000GTs who want something just as stylish and can be used daily.

 photo P1180942.jpg
Another Hybrid was sitting next to the RHV was again what appears to be a Kenmeri Skyline and like the RHV, there’s more to this car than meets the eye as another glance into the cabin reveals a much more modern interior with R32 bits everywhere.

 photo P1180945.jpg
A quick chat later and it turns out that this is no Kenmeri Skyline that’s been converted to run on modern mechanics. What this is, is a (somewhat) modern GTR32 that has had the coachwork of a Kenmeri Skyline grafted on.

 photo P1180964.jpg
 photo P1180963.jpg
There’s no prizes for guessing what lies behind the front grill. RB26 baby. Best part about this Kenmeri R32? It’s available for rental!

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