Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: Day 2, Part 5-Nippon Powerhouses

You can’t have a Tokyo Auto Salon without some full on JDM flagship power builds and where better to start than with Japan’s giant slayer, the Nissan GT-R.

 photo DSC09482.jpg
 photo DSC09467.jpg
 photo P1190173.jpg
This being TAS, there were of course many GT-Rs around, all packing big numbers on their spec sheets. But non are more purposeful than the pure-bred factory racers from Nissan, in both Super GT and GT3 racing form.

 photo DSC08234.jpg
Calsonic’s iconic livery.

 photo P1190104.jpg
Another Super GT contender, this time from S Road.

 photo DSC09496.jpg
 photo DSC09488.jpg
Another iconic livery, Yokohama Advan style.

 photo P1190124.jpg
Time attacku!

 photo DSC09472.jpg
Sitting the other end of the spectrum, this is as stock a GT-R as it gets in the Tokyo Auto Salon. A GT-R Nismo special. Code-name: “Bloody Expensive”.

 photo DSC08867.jpg
 photo DSC08856.jpg
 photo DSC08860.jpg
No stranger to massive power builds and crazy late night high speed runs, this is Top Secret.

 photo DSC08862.jpg
Some say the cars don’t get painted Top Secret’s iconic Gold until they’ve reached Smokey’s level of satisfaction.

 photo DSC08883.jpg
Just when i’m about to take pictures of Wing Takeo’s car, some girls in itsy bitty shorts walk by and ruins the shot.

 photo DSC08876.jpg
That’s better! Or maybe not? Hey girls come back!

 photo DSC08512.jpg
Do-Luck’s very good looking GT-R.

 photo DSC09433.jpg
 photo DSC09060.jpg
Kansai Service and TM Works also rocked white just as effectively.

 photo DSC08091.jpg
Bold World going for a more aesthetic approach to GT-R tuning. How low can you go? (Without sacrificing drive-ability, unless you’re on air ride but still… Alright let’s move on)

 photo DSC07638.jpg
 photo DSC07644.jpg
 photo DSC07645.jpg
Kuhl-Racing’s R35 also went for more visual impact at Work wheels’s booth.

 photo DSC08950.jpg
All in the details…

 photo DSC08573.jpg
 photo DSC09356.jpg
With so many R35s around, you could be forgiven for almost thinking the previous generation of the Godzilla have been forgotten. Almost…

 photo P1190024.jpg
Staying on brand, here’s Evolve’s Z34.

 photo P1190183.jpg
D1 workhorse. Otherwise known as the “S-chassis”.

 photo DSC09394.jpg
A very handsome S15 by Moze Racing. Widened and sitting on some really fat wheels.

 photo DSC08555.jpg
Another S15, this one really needs no introduction.

 photo P1180881.jpg
Cockpit’s S13 with what looks like a full on carbon body. From Cockpit.

 photo DSC09584.jpg
Blitz’s G-series Skyline had some big tailpipes and an interesting F1-style 3rd brake light.

 photo P1190187.jpg
Yet to be officially launched, Honda’s NSX has been hard at work pounding the tracks.

 photo DSC08508.jpg
Less show, more go! CRZ-GT racer.

 photo DSC09539.jpg
This on the other hand i’m guessing goes as well as it looks. Pity the S2000 is no more, such a fine looking car.

 photo P1190008.jpg
Rocket Bunny NSX!

 photo P1190010.jpg
 photo P1190016.jpg
Hard to believe that the basic shape of the NSX has been around with us for almost 25 years right? Still looks amazing today.

 photo DSC08603.jpg
The end of an era. Mitsubishi’s Evo X Final Concept.

 photo DSC08601.jpg
 photo DSC08608.jpg
 photo DSC08606.jpg
A sad but fitting farewell to the Evolution with orders recently made available for buyers.

 photo P1180851.jpg
 photo DSC09333.jpg
The Lancer Evolution’s end of production also means the Impreza WRX STi will be the last one standing from their decades old feud.

 photo DSC09569.jpg
Varis showcasing Subaru’s flat-4 platform.

 photo DSC09563.jpg
The Rotary specialists, RE Amemiya.

 photo DSC09163.jpg
Another Rocket Bunny, this time an FD. Very good looking i must say.

 photo DSC07477.jpg
No prizes for guessing what this car is built to do.

 photo DSC08558.jpg
 photo DSC08562.jpg
On the topic of crazy Rotarys, i shall end off with Mad Mike’s quad-rotored dorifto machine! I wonder how much fuel it uses…

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