Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: Day 2, Part 4-The Lexus Connection

Concluding our look at the cars from Toyota City, we have Lexus, which although originated from Japan, was never officially launched in its home country until 2005. The cars of course were still sold in Japan but they all bore Toyota badges and had different (but in my opinion, more memorable) names from those sent abroad. We know them as the LS,GS,SC,IS and RX (Let’s not mention the C̶a̶m̶r̶y̶ ES), those in JDM-land will call them the Celsior, the Aristo, the Soarer, the Altezza and the Harrier. We’ve previously covered the mad RCF GT3 Concept, so let’s take a look at some of the other cars from Toyota’s luxury division.

 photo DSC08056.jpg
Being the luxo barges that they are, the LS’s are just made for the Bippu World. Like this LS slammed on air suspension at Ideal’s booth.

 photo DSC08064.jpg
Japan’s M3 fighter, the ISF was also quite a popular base for tuners.

 photo DSC08481.jpg
It looked like Aimgain’s theme for this year was “Widebody everything!”

 photo DSC08702.jpg
But of course, the Lexus of choice this year, went to the very recently launched RC Coupe. There were quite a few of these scattered throughout the event and there really does seem to be quite a strong sense of pride behind this car. Finally a proper coupe to take on the Germans.

 photo DSC08737.jpg
TRD’s F-Sport version, which looked rather mild compared to what most other tuners brought along.

 photo DSC07791.jpg
From the happy seat.

 photo DSC09153.jpg
 photo DSC09159.jpg
You’d have to admit, that Predator grill does look pretty good when the car sits this ridiculously low down.

 photo P1180882.jpg
Signing off, here is 328 Power’s RC. Needs moar camber you think?

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