Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: Day 2, Part 3-Return of Toyota Sports Sedan? GRMN Mark X

Another highlight of the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon for me, was what many envision to be THE car that marks (hehe) the return of a proper sports sedan into Toyota’s lineup. Left vacant long ago with the departures of the Chasers, Mark IIs, Cressidas and Altezza RS’s.

 photo DSC09083.jpg

Unfortunately for us fans of fast and fun to drive sedan, this GRMN Mark X is strictly, limited edition. Doesn’t hurt to spend a couple more minutes fantasizing right?

 photo DSC09102.jpg

 photo DSC09111.jpg

Based on the regular-production Mark X 350S, the GRMN version carries a redesigned front bumper, black mirror caps, Carbon Fiber roof, Carbon Fiber trunk-mounted spoiler and a new rear bumper that incorporates an air diffuser with quad pipes sticking out the back. The use of Carbon bits of course means it carries much less weight than the standard car, all good news for keen drivers.

 photo DSC09105.jpg

Shoes come in the form of 19 inch forged BBS’s all round.

 photo DSC09107.jpg

 photo DSC09109.jpg

The return of the joystick! Did we mention the GRMN Mark X comes with a Torsen limited-slip differential? It comes with a Torsen limited-slip differential.

 photo DSC09093.jpg

Sadly only 100 examples of the GRMN Mark X will be built and i’m guessing all but a handful will be devoured by citizen of Japan hungry for such a car. But a man can dream… A man can dream…

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