Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: Day 2, Part 2-Oh What a Feeling, Toyota!

 photo DSC08752.jpg
Initially i had wanted to compile a number of Japanese autos together into a single post but as i casually scrolled through my photos, it quickly dawned on me that such a post might not just be a nightmare to put together but will probably end in tears for mobile users on limited data plan. So, let’s all take a step back and allow me to curate these articles for your viewing enjoyment.

 photo DSC07710.jpg
 photo DSC07760.jpg
 photo DSC07714.jpg
Rather unsurprisingly, Toyota, being Japan’s largest automobile manufacturer, had one of the biggest representations in the Tokyo Auto Salon. And with the Toyobaru twins still a hot favorite amongst tuners and keen drivers alike, there were plenty of the Hachiroku-RZs to go around.

 photo P1190042.jpg
 photo P1190045.jpg
 photo P1190052.jpg
Like the KM4SH cars above.

 photo DSC08491.jpg
 photo DSC08496.jpg
 photo DSC08484.jpg
Aimgain also joined in the wide body brigade.

 photo DSC08738.jpg
 photo DSC08743.jpg
TRD also showcased a fleet of hopped up 86s. From street oriented builds…

 photo DSC08746.jpg
 photo DSC08761.jpg
…To more track focused machinery.

 photo DSC08758.jpg
Or when neither street nor tarmac is widely available.

 photo DSC08502.jpg
Sitting in Super Autobacs’ booth was this very good looking Avest kitted 86.

 photo DSC09570.jpg
 photo DSC09575.jpg
Bling enough for ya? Blitz’s 86 was one sweet chrome wrapped ride.

 photo DSC08519.jpg
EastCloud’s 86 also had some interesting internals from Blitz.

 photo DSC08904.jpg
 photo DSC08889.jpg
That yellow paint! That V8! This can only be JUN!
 photo DSC08894.jpg
 photo DSC08897.jpg
 photo DSC08891.jpg
One of the most serious 86 builds. Sure would be nice to hear this one fire up.

 photo DSC09503.jpg
Kansai Service’s 86 kept it clean and stylish.

 photo DSC08969.jpg
EMC’s car with INGS bodywork.

 photo DSC07743.jpg
A Rowen kitted 86 sitting on Valenti wheels.

 photo DSC09087.jpg
Wheels all off for this ZN6 at Toyota’s booth.

 photo DSC07615.jpg
 photo DSC07613.jpg
A somewhat controversial livery maybe? Or am i just too sensitive?

 photo DSC09351.jpg
ST-garage’s Hachi wearing wheels from Weds.

 photo P1190182.jpg
Bridgestone’s ZN6 with Varis’ wide bodywork looked mean.

 photo DSC08951.jpg
A closer look at the Varis’ front wings.

 photo DSC09370.jpg
A more purposeful but less showy style.

 photo DSC08583.jpg
 photo DSC08587.jpg
Weld’s very clean and very well built 86 getting some touch ups at the start of the day. Just look at the that engine!

 photo DSC07624.jpg
 photo DSC07619.jpg
Not willing to sit in Toyota’s shadow, there were also a number of BRZs.

 photo DSC09513.jpg
Exedy went all the way with their street livery.

 photo DSC08933.jpg
 photo DSC08938.jpg
Club BRZ has some more “lifestyle” oriented cars.

 photo DSC08947.jpg
Spot anything you like in there?

 photo DSC09603.jpg
 photo DSC09602.jpg
The original 86, this one more legendary than others. Does it look familiar to you?

 photo DSC07628-1.jpg
 photo DSC07627.jpg
 photo DSC07617.jpg
 photo P1190238.jpg
 photo P1190233.jpg
One of the show stealers, this pair of fully carbon clad 86s from Impulse. The rising Sun graphic made from CF is just totally wild.

 photo DSC07352.jpg
 photo DSC08613.jpg
This being the Tokyo Auto Salon, there were plenty of Crowns around as well. With Toyota themselves offering a palette of very interesting funky colors, it remains to be seen how well buyers will take to them. I’m sure the Bippu-fans will love em though. Especially the pink one.

 photo DSC09534.jpg
 photo DSC09536.jpg
 photo P1180858.jpg
It’s going to be hard to top white though as shown by (ironically named) Black Fleet and Black Pearl.

 photo DSC08094.jpg
Aimgain stayed true to VIP’s roots with a stunning black example.

 photo P1180865.jpg
 photo P1180859.jpg
T-Style also showcasing their VIP prowess with a pair of different generation Celsiors.

 photo P1180993.jpg
Celsior gone wild.

 photo P1190122.jpg
Fancy an Aristo?

 photo P1180866.jpg
URAS’ JZX100, built to go sideways really quickly and with lots of smokey smokey action i reckon.

 photo DSC08576.jpg
 photo DSC08582.jpg
 photo DSC08580.jpg
Another JZX100 and looking suspiciously like one we saw in Odaiba. This is another Weld car, built in collaboration with Fatlace. The graphics along the sides looked stonking for sure.

 photo DSC09205.jpg
Final Konnexion’s Mark X looked insane!

 photo DSC08963.jpg
Hachimaru hero.

 photo DSC08619.jpg
Eco-warriors in desperate need of some style can look towards AMS.

 photo DSC08763.jpg
Finishing off, we have the recently launched hydrogen powered Toyota Mirai. Still horribly ugly.


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