Cars & Kopi – Chinese New Year 2015 Edition!

With the last Cars & Kopi held rather recently, we didn’t think another meet would happen so quickly! But with a really nice long weekend holiday for celebrating the Lunar New Year, an impromptu decision was made to meet up for some automotive chit chat over breakfast at the usual spot.

 photo DSC01005.jpg
Invites were quickly sent out via Facebook a few days ahead of the event and thinking that there might not be a significant turnout, i dubbed it a “mini meet”, which meant it was a fantastic surprise when i arrived at Dempsey on a nice warm Saturday morning and saw plenty of cars already parked up.

 photo DSC00961.jpg
One of my favorites that morning was this pair of lovely red oldies. The Boat-tail Alfa being especially enticing.

 photo DSC00985.jpg
 photo DSC00983.jpg
What a lovely pure shape and design language.

 photo DSC01007.jpg
 photo DSC01020.jpg
 photo DSC01010.jpg
 photo DSC01017.jpg
Che bella macchina!

 photo DSC00979.jpg
 photo DSC01378.jpg
Also lovely was its parking buddy mini.

 photo DSC01109.jpg
 photo DSC01047.jpg
 photo DSC01106.jpg
 photo DSC01305.jpg
The Alfa brigade showed up with reinforcements this time.

 photo DSC00997.jpg
 photo DSC00996.jpg
BMWs usually get outnumbered in these morning meets so i gotta try and fix that.

 photo DSC01340.jpg
Not quite what i understand “Pussy magnet” to mean.

 photo DSC01333.jpg
 photo DSC01148.jpg
 photo DSC01343.jpg
I should really drive my car out more often.

 photo DSC01220.jpg
 photo DSC01036.jpg photo DSC01039.jpg
There were plenty of Stuttgart’s finest…

 photo DSC01287.jpg
 photo DSC01091.jpg
 photo DSC01096.jpg
 photo DSC01100.jpg
…but you just can’t beat the aesthetic purity of the classics.

 photo DSC01120.jpg
 photo DSC01375.jpg
More air-cooled love.

 photo DSC01064.jpg
They might share the same name and engine layout but these two cars cannot be any more different.

 photo DSC01268.jpg
 photo DSC01272.jpg
 photo DSC01279.jpg
Modern day GT3 is pure speed machine.

 photo DSC01052.jpg
Speaking of pure speed machines…

 photo DSC01058.jpg
 photo DSC01070.jpg
 photo DSC01072.jpg
 photo DSC01074.jpg
…A contingent of GTRs lined a row of parking lots.

 photo DSC01067.jpg
 photo DSC01078.jpg
Interesting textured effect on the bonnet of the black V-Spec II.

 photo DSC01080.jpg
 photo DSC01259.jpg
 photo DSC01082.jpg
 photo DSC01086.jpg
Yes i really like GTRs.

 photo DSC01136.jpg
JDMs from an earlier era side by side.

 photo DSC00958.jpg
The B-road slaying FC.

 photo DSC01245.jpg
 photo DSC01164.jpg
Wild FD also appeared. This one is still undergoing a rebuild. Lovely Advan Racing wheels.

 photo DSC01235.jpg
 photo DSC01315.jpg
Powered by Honda.

 photo DSC01126.jpg
Something that we don’t see very often on our roads, Mitsubishi’s Twin Turbo 3000GT, or GTO depending on where you live.

 photo DSC01130.jpg
Stock and sweet Subaru WRX STI Spec-C. Love that roof scoop.

 photo DSC01029.jpg
There were a few classic VWs around too!

 photo DSC01242.jpg
And since we are VWs, I’m pretty sure a highlight for many was the appearance of this very beautiful Karmann Ghia.

 photo DSC01182.jpg
 photo DSC01192.jpg
It was mint!

 photo DSC01185.jpg
 photo DSC01195.jpg
I love the grey cloth inserts.

 photo DSC01200.jpg
 photo DSC01326.jpg
The bodywork looked flawless.

 photo DSC01215.jpg
 photo DSC01322.jpg
 photo DSC01210.jpg
Sat next to the Karmann Ghia was an MG TB. (I think)

 photo DSC01134.jpg
I know totally nothing about these cars so do let me know if i identified it wrong.

 photo DSC01103.jpg
 photo DSC01205.jpg
Nice detail with the haversack though.

 photo DSC01297.jpg
A slightly more modern MG looking rather diminutive by today’s standards.

 photo DSC01254.jpg
Similarly British but on the opposing end of the power scale.

 photo DSC01168.jpg
A few quirky Saabs turned up as well.

 photo DSC01177.jpg
Lovely R107. I think these cars are aging rather well and are now deservingly getting more recognition from classic car enthusiasts.

 photo DSC01153.jpg
I remember seeing a number of these when i was growing up.

 photo DSC01224.jpg
 photo DSC01231.jpg
 photo DSC01238.jpg
They used to feel very unobtanium to me when i was a child and while current prices means it’s possible to work towards one, i have the feeling such prices will not last for long.

 photo DSC01359.jpg
 photo DSC01361.jpg
 photo DSC01348.jpg
The last remaining ur quattro sitting pretty in Chinese New Year colors.

 photo DSC01044.jpg
 photo DSC01369.jpg
I think this meet went to the Germans.

 photo DSC01386.jpg
With each meet seemingly outdoing the last, i really wonder what lies ahead for our little Cars & Kopi meets. Here’s hoping for more!

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