Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: Day 2, Part 1-Rise of the Imports

Continuing my (rather casual) assault on the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon, i find myself back into the halls of Makuhari Messe once again on an early Saturday morning. Previously we’ve taken a look at some exotic machinery as well as BMWs, so with continued focus on cars from outside of Japan, let’s take a look at a selection of other Imports i stumbled upon at the show.

 photo DSC07606.jpg
Fiat 500 Abarths were quite a popular choice for aftermarket additions. RK Design’s Abarth featured probably the widest flares and biggest spoilers ever grafted onto this little Italian pocket rocket.

 photo DSC07349.jpg
G-Tech’s car, i really thought i saw “COOLSHIT” the first time i glanced over.

 photo DSC07584.jpg
 photo DSC07594.jpg
 photo DSC07593.jpg
Talking Italian once again, this time we take a look at Alfa Romeo and a very tidy Giulietta from Inter LaPeace.

 photo DSC08818.jpg
Something a little different and will probably have many purist Alfistis furiously flailing their arms about is this Ken Okuyama Kode9, built on what used to be an Alfa 4C and bearing more than a passing resemblance to Speed Racer’s Mach 5.

 photo DSC08839.jpg
Now before anyone goes around dissing this Okuyama fellow for cutting up an Alfa 4C, let it be known that Mr Ken Okuyama was previously an award winning Creative Director in Pininfarina and has overseen projects such as the Ferrari 599, Maserati Birdcage 75th and the Ferrari P4/5. Many years before that, Mr Ken Okuyama was also the Chief Designer for Honda’s NSX project. That’s some pretty impressive credentials right there.

 photo DSC08810.jpg
 photo DSC08844.jpg
 photo DSC08841.jpg
 photo DSC08843.jpg
While the design of the Kode9 might be a little too offbeat for some, Japan is one country which embraces such unique offerings and like many other Coach-built cars from before, i’m pretty sure the Kode9 will become rare classic in the future.

 photo DSC08836.jpg
Unlike the Kode9 which was built on the 4C platform, this open road racer is totally bespoke.

 photo DSC08819.jpg
You can grab some Alfa goodies at the stand if you fill out a survey, but it was all in Japanese so i no Alfa sticker for me.

 photo DSC09509.jpg
 photo DSC09517.jpg
RWBs sitting pretty in ARMY GIRL’s stand.

 photo DSC08499.jpg
Another Porsche, this was Fastes’s big fender-ed take on the 997. Rather smooth and clean.

 photo P1180841.jpg
 photo DSC07383.jpg
The very popular CLA and A-Class vehicles were also given the aftermarket treatment.

 photo DSC08061.jpg
If you ever needed a fire breathing AMG engined people carrier with the show to match the go.

 photo DSC09115.jpg
 photo DSC09115.jpg
Mad custom iRobot inspired Audi TT on air ride with wheels that hide behind those covers once fully lowered.

 photo DSC07808.jpg
One of the few new new VW Beetles, this one in Newing’s booth.

 photo DSC08477.jpg
With a more sporting nature and outlook, there were considerably more MINIs about.

 photo DSC07073.jpg
J&L’s Defender had a fully redone luxury interior.

 photo DSC07074.jpg
 photo DSC07574.jpg
A couple of Jags but the yellow one gets my vote. You don’t usually see many slammed XJS’s.

 photo DSC08848.jpg
There was plenty of American metal too but this decked out Tesla was quite a surprise.

 photo DSC08074.jpg
 photo DSC08069.jpg
Jeeps with every flavor and color you can imagine.

 photo DSC08560.jpg
A rare occasion. Aiwa’s stand with nobody around. There are usually hoards of oppai-hunters camped around waiting for this to happen.

 photo DSC08719.jpg
 photo DSC08705.jpg
 photo DSC08709.jpg
It doesn’t get any wider than this. Plus it comes with a helipad!

 photo DSC08039.jpg
Finishing off, here’s Forgiato’s C7 widened Vette. Widebodies everywhere! This C7 would go on to win the “Best Import Car” award.


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