Tokyo Toy-Otaku: お土産(Omiyage)hunting in Tokyo Auto Salon 2015

Literally meaning, “souvenir”, an omiyage is a gift from a trip, usually to give to family and acquaintances but in this instance, mostly for myself. For those who visit the Tokyo Auto Salon and find bringing home memories of the event or photos of scantily clad girls just not quite enough, there’s plenty of “omiyage” to spend your hard-earned Yens on. For Auto-otaku Toyhunters, there really is no better place to track down some mighty good buys in one single location!

 photo DSC08084.jpg
Having made the decision to take a slightly more relaxed pace for the Auto Salon meant i was able to slot in a lot more time to geek out over toys and merchandise from manufacturers and tuners alike. I don’t usually see coverage on the stuff you can buy at the Auto Salon, so here goes!

 photo DSC09328.jpg
 photo DSC08089.jpg
So very easy to slide down that slippery slope into 1/18s once again. For those who attend the show early on the first day, there are some really awesome buys to be found. Like brand new 1/43 Ebbros for only ¥2,000 or 1/18 Autoarts for only ¥5,000. I managed to pick up a 1/43 Ebbro F40 LM but now totally regret passing on the 1/18 R32 Keisatsu patrol car, or buying up the entire lot of F40s for that matter. These bargains are usually gone by the end of the first day.

 photo P1190075.jpg
1/43s seem to be much more popular in Japan with an amazing range of cars made in this scale.

 photo P1190080.jpg
 photo P1190086.jpg
 photo DSC09326.jpg
Something for every budget but i was told even those with higher price tags are considered bargains when compared with prices found outside Japan. Maybe i should just set up a blogshop.

 photo DSC07233.jpg
Covered earlier in our first TAS post, Liberty Walk had plenty of goodies, some more pricey than others. Of course, the biggest plus point of buying at the show is getting Kato-san’s autograph!

 photo DSC08913.jpg
Lucky or unlucky? This booth didn’t accept credit cards… Would have otherwise made a big dent in my Mastercard.

 photo DSC08929.jpg
 photo DSC08927.jpg
That dori-dori S15 Mini-Z had my name on it.

 photo DSC08925.jpg
Smallest drone ever? Quite reasonably priced too. But a bad experience with a Kyosho mini crawler years ago gave me some doubt on how long this might last and a drone without a camera just doesn’t seem as fun.

 photo DSC08916.jpg
I would have gladly ponied up the cash for this limited edition Miku RC Sandmaster but they were totally sold out. 😦

 photo DSC09026.jpg
 photo DSC09023.jpg
 photo DSC09069.jpg
Yokomo’s booth on the other hand DID take plastic but i already have a Ichiroku Yokomo sitting at home and going another scale up is just too heavy a hit on my already fragile bank account.

 photo DSC08081.jpg
 photo DSC08082.jpg
I spent a small sum at the Miku booth.

 photo P1190050.jpg
For all the Speedhunters out there.

 photo P1190047.jpg
Slightly on the pricier side though.

 photo DSC09636.jpg
 photo P1180920.jpg
K-Break had a tonne of merchandise on offer.

 photo P1180918.jpg
For those into Vanning.

 photo P1190088.jpg
Do you like Toyota 86?

 photo DSC08085.jpg
 photo DSC09364.jpg
For those who really must have everything car-themed.

 photo DSC09368.jpg
 photo DSC09365.jpg
 photo P1180999.jpg
 photo P1180996.jpg
And if you are really into a particular model, these plates and key chains might have you covered. They can even customize something for you if what you’re looking for isn’t on the shelves.

 photo P1180870.jpg
 photo DSC09126.jpg
There were also plenty of stickers on sale this year. Some more car-themed than others. I managed to get Nomoken to sign on a pair of stickers.

 photo DSC08611.jpg
 photo DSC08612.jpg
Fans of Mitsubishi can pick up some goodies before their beloved Lancer EVO goes out of production. I should have grabbed one of those Mitsubishi i minicars.

 photo DSC08536.jpg
 photo DSC08527.jpg
 photo DSC08537.jpg
 photo DSC08532.jpg
Honda also had lots of goodies for those worshiping in the Temple of Vtec.

 photo DSC07442.jpg
Want to raise your kid to be the next WRC contender? Subaru has got you covered.

 photo DSC09463.jpg
 photo DSC09461.jpg
Or maybe JGTC?

 photo DSC09687.jpg
Wedsport had some of the best looking merchandise rocking a dash of vintage flavor.

 photo DSC07677.jpg
Work hard. Dream BIG. Buy a Meister T-shirt.

 photo P1190111.jpg
Or do you prefer some RAYS.

 photo P1190113.jpg
 photo P1190118.jpg
Prices you can only dream of if you reside outside of Japan.

 photo DSC08869.jpg
Top Secret for the power junkies.

 photo DSC09310.jpg
 photo DSC09311.jpg
Tein goodies.

 photo DSC08984.jpg
 photo DSC08986.jpg
Phoenix Power had some nice pillows.

 photo DSC08946.jpg
You can even buy a T-shirt with Monster Tajima’s EV Pikes Peak race car on it.

 photo P1190039.jpg
Not for sale buddy!

 photo DSC07840.jpg
 photo DSC07841.jpg
 photo DSC07829.jpg
 photo DSC07832.jpg
Concluding my little feature on TAS “omiyage”, some interesting stuff from Drift Tengoku’s booth. Do note that these are all pretty much just a taste of the goodies on sale and for the full course, you really just have to make that trip down next year!

 photo P1190723.jpg
Just in case anyone’s interested in some of my spoils from TAS and other toy hunting spots in Tokyo. Japan is one major wallet-busting place for Auto-Otakus.

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