Tokyo Auto Salon 2015: Day 1, Part 3-Subaru and The Pride of Boxer

Trying to fight back a somewhat sad image of late due to a rather uninspiring (and not very attractive looking) fleet of cars on sale, Subaru have jumped on the offensive and brought out a nice selection of Concepts for the Tokyo Auto Salon. The one i was most interested in was this red hot number. The Legacy Blitzen Concept. Is it true? Is the Blitzen coming back?

 photo DSC07453.jpg

For those needed a bit of side info, besides having a really cool name, the original Legacy Blitzen was the result of a collaboration with Porsche back in the year 2000. Various bits and bobs of the car were Porsche designed and it utilized Porsche’s Tiptronic gearbox.

 photo DSC07446.jpg

Needless to say, like every car which was spawned from a collaboration with Porsche, it became a cult classic. And for those of us in the Playstation generation who grew up with Gran Turismo, these Blitzens made proud additions to our virtual garages.

 photo DSC07447.jpg

With a couple of teasers thrown around every now and then, it remains to be seen if a new Blitzen will ever make production and if Porsche will ever be involved in the process. But if Subaru ever needed to engage thrusters for their Legacy’s brand image, i think they really should start opening their order books.

Please make it so!

 photo DSC07439.jpg

The Levorg is an interesting new car, still unreleased in parts of the World (like Singapore), the Levorg name is not based on the villainous species from Star Trek. It is actually made up from a combination of three words, LEgacy, reVOlution, touRinG. Could what i initially thought to a spiritual successor of the lower slung Foresters of old turn out to be a replacement for the Legacy Wagon? While that bit remains a mystery, there’s no doubting it looks pretty darn good when dressed up for the Tokyo Auto Salon.

 photo DSC07444.jpg

Another good looker is the WRX S4, no it’s not a collaboration with Audi. The S4 is a WRX loaded with Subaru’s latest driving tech but unfortunately sports a CVT box, this particular white unit was decked out by Prova, with a beefed up DAMD body, 20-inch Enkeis and dropped on Prova-Spec Ohlins amongst many other goodies. The WRX S4 though, will remain a JDM unicorn as there are no plans for it to be exported out of Japan.

 photo DSC07473.jpg

Strangely this was the only BRZ to be featured at the Subaru booth, i guess with numerous other BRZs/86s scattered around the show halls, it was better to make use of the space to showcase their latest.

 photo DSC07451.jpg

With Mitsubishi now out of the scene, Subaru remains the last one standing from the seemingly never ending battle between the 2 factory-backed teams. A triumph for Subaru, but a sad reminder to fans that the EVO lineage is coming to an end. But who knows what they have up their sleeves in the future right? For now, the Pride of Boxers reign supreme on the rally grounds.

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