Tokyo Auto-Otaku 2015: Hardcore Tokyo Fresh Meet in Odaiba-Part 2

Many people have asked me during my travels to Japan if i’ve ever visited Daikoku and although i’d love to one day have a go, without renting a car or having a local bring you around, it’s pretty much impossible for most overseas visitors to make trip. Sure i could have taken a taxi cab down but the return leg of an excursion like that might be a little bit sketchy and that does not include the costs involved with Japanese Taxis too! Suffice to say i’d rather spend that amount of money on a nice Yakiniku BBQ dinner. So all this while, the closest i’ve ever really got to seeing what people really drive was in the Makuhari Messe car park during the Tokyo Auto Salon and scrutinizing pages of Speedhunters.

 photo DSC06867.jpg
Which is why, when the Hardcore Fresh Tokyo Meet was first announced on Facebook, i did a double take on the location. Odaiba? I know where Odaiba is! I’ve been to Odaiba! I can take the train to Odaiba! *Happy dance*

 photo DSC06600.jpg
For those who don’t know, Odaiba is a baller man-made island in Tokyo Bay with some big shopping malls, an Onsen theme park and the Toyota Megaweb. Like other parts of downtown Tokyo, connectivity is excellent with two main train lines passing through. Opt for the Yurikamome at night and be treated to a nice of the Tokyo bay area while your train does a little loopy loop before or after the Rainbow bridge (depending on your direction of travel).

 photo DSC06668.jpg
Anyway, here’s Part 2 of the cars i saw during the Fresh Meet. From the chic to the crazies and the fashionable to the fabulous, Japan really has it all. I have saved some of the more “interesting” sights for Part 2. For those who might have missed it earlier, here is Part 1 »

 photo DSC06915.jpg
Nuthin to see here, just chillin next to a stretched and poked Crown. Did i ever mention i have a thing for these Japanese Luxo sedans? They just seem… Cool…

 photo DSC07015.jpg
#01 rule when it comes to modifying cars in Japan: There are no rules.

 photo DSC06778.jpg
Mad Crown we saw rolling in earlier reppin a mishmash of USDM/Boso/Euro.

 photo DSC06627.jpg
 photo DSC06687.jpg
I’m not very well versed in the Mark II/Chaser/Cressida scene so i’m guessing these are Chasers?

 photo DSC06873.jpg
More USDM influences. Quite well done might i add.

 photo DSC06570.jpg
Something i’ve never seen before, a Isuzu Vehicross. Very unique and doesn’t look like a 17-year old design does it?

 photo DSC06775.jpg
 photo DSC06782.jpg
There’s always time to do some last minute cleaning! Get this guy some products!

 photo DSC06704.jpg
 photo DSC07004.jpg
 photo DSC06988.jpg
 photo DSC06653.jpg
 photo DSC06755.jpg
 photo DSC06790.jpg
Such a variety of cars and everyone was respectful. Love it.

 photo DSC06843.jpg
Elsewhere, the organizers were busy dishing out some merchandise.

 photo DSC06634.jpg
Very clean 86 with some choice additions. White wheels work really well on the blue.

 photo DSC06920.jpg
 photo DSC06985.jpg
How do you like your bonnet decorations? I wonder if the も plate is an intentional reference to moé, if so, nice little detail.

 photo DSC06770.jpg
It is really quite hard to imagine it, even i couldn’t believe until i saw for myself that they actually do drive around like this. It’s so crazy.

 photo DSC06810.jpg
 photo DSC06798.jpg
Speaking of crazy… This Silvia really brings insanity up another notch. There’s even a mini Pole-dancer on the antenna.

 photo DSC06892.jpg
As seen on Speedhunters. The famous Millennium Jade ER34 4-door. Looking fantastic, though the OCD part of me really wanted to give it a wash to get rid of all that dust.

 photo DSC06905.jpg
 photo DSC06889.jpg
 photo DSC06899.jpg
Nice lighting for this car. I wonder if Tsukuba plates earn you extra street cred.

 photo DSC06902.jpg
Nice detail on the fuel filler cap with a sculpted recess for opening.

 photo DSC07031.jpg
 photo DSC07021.jpg
Old school Kyusha love.

 photo DSC07050.jpg
Hachimaru hero looking fresh on BBS wheels. BBS FTW!

 photo DSC06720.jpg
 photo DSC06999.jpg
Toyota Porte and little Daihatsu Mira showing you don’t need big power to have fun.

 photo DSC06671.jpg
Cars were still coming in as the time came for me to leave, with the Tokyo Auto Salon set to open it’s doors in a few hours, i had to hit the train station for my ride back towards Tokyo Station. It had been a long long day (and night) and this was just my first day in Town. Japan’s car scene is just amazing.

Big thanks to the organizers for putting this meet together, letting people like me in on what goes on in Tokyo’s street car scene, and thanks to everyone for taking the time to visit my little blog. Hope to one day see you all again… Maybe next year?


3 thoughts on “Tokyo Auto-Otaku 2015: Hardcore Tokyo Fresh Meet in Odaiba-Part 2

  1. Thanks for stopping by and posting this up! when I was approach by one of the Super Street Guys last round at Formula D Irwindale we had no idea how big this meet would get with involving All that Low Japan
    Zee and all the Hardcore Japan crew! I’m glad the hard work paid off.

    Flow IG

    Thx!Will plan next year again!

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