Tokyo Auto-Otaku 2015: Hardcore Tokyo Fresh Meet in Odaiba-Part 1

Odaiba Decks, my last stop for the cold cold night before the start of the Tokyo Auto Salon. This is real Tokyo street car culture, this is the Hardcore Tokyo Fresh Meet. Organised by Super Street magazine, Hardcore Tokyo and All That Low Japan.

 photo DSC06793.jpg
I have decided to split up this event’s writeup into two post as having every image i intend to show on one page might be overkill for those on mobile devices.

 photo DSC06604.jpg
With the Tokyo Auto Salon set to showcase some crazy machinery and amazing show cars, it’s still always fresh and interesting to see the vehicles real Tokyoites (& non Tokyoites) choose to roll in. And from the license plates we saw, plenty of attendees showed up from all nearby parts of Japan.

 photo DSC06622.jpg
 photo DSC06619.jpg
 photo DSC06620.jpg
Unicorns to all of pretty much everyone in Singapore, these two NSXs parked up early representing Honda’s finest efforts back in the early 90s.

 photo DSC06577.jpg
 photo DSC06730.jpg
 photo DSC06682.jpg
More VTEC love.

 photo DSC06588.jpg
There were also plenty of R32s lying in wait. With these becoming legal for import into the US, many of them were sporting “Y” (Yankee) plates. These vehicles belong to members of the U.S. military stationed in Japan and i’m guessing, they will be shipping those GTR32s back home once they’ve finished their tour.

 photo DSC06943.jpg
Those wheels.

 photo DSC06597.jpg
 photo DSC06599.jpg
 photo DSC06908.jpg
How do you like your San-ni?

 photo DSC06715.jpg
 photo DSC06707.jpg
In a sea of modified cars, a stock looking R32 does garner quite a bit of attention. There’s that “Y” plate once again. Sigh…

 photo DSC06746.jpg
There were also many Hachirokus around.

 photo DSC06752.jpg
More Hachis than you can shake a stick at.

 photo DSC06927.jpg
 photo DSC06860.jpg
 photo DSC06865.jpg
 photo DSC06841.jpg
All manner of shapes and shades…

 photo DSC06937.jpg
 photo DSC07042.jpg
…Beat up or cleaned up, they are here.

 photo DSC06672.jpg
The cars just kept streaming in throughout the time i was there and i promptly followed this Hakosuka up to the second level.

 photo DSC06832.jpg
 photo DSC06816.jpg
 photo DSC06802.jpg
Where it parked up right next to a glorious Sunny truck.

 photo DSC06825.jpg
 photo DSC06805.jpg
Check out the slightly off-color tint showcasing some flame graphics. Awesome.

 photo DSC06726.jpg
 photo DSC06741.jpg
 photo DSC06735.jpg
The red Sunny truck had a friend on the lower level with it’s bonnet opened up showcasing a nicely built little engine.

 photo DSC06972.jpg
On the topic of nostalgic machines, there were a few representatives of Detroit Iron.

 photo DSC06950.jpg
 photo DSC06615.jpg
Can you feel the old school rumble?

 photo DSC06613.jpg
 photo DSC06608.jpg
 photo DSC06611.jpg
“Meep! Meep!”

 photo DSC06914.jpg
Only in Japan.

 photo DSC06997.jpg
I really have no idea what this is but it sat really low and it was really wide.

 photo DSC06977.jpg
 photo DSC06956.jpg
 photo DSC07012.jpg
 photo DSC06853.jpg
There were a couple of Euro mobiles around but the night was ruled by JDMs.

 photo DSC06574.jpg
 photo DSC06563.jpg
A very cool USDM styled E36 Compact.

 photo DSC06702.jpg
There was plenty of Nissan love.

 photo DSC06690.jpg
 photo DSC06631.jpg
Some of the lovin was a little bit more “unique”.

 photo DSC06697.jpg
 photo DSC06641.jpg
 photo DSC06692.jpg
 photo DSC06877.jpg
 photo DSC06882.jpg
Each one a reflection of the owners’ taste, but no hating going around. This is Japan.

 photo DSC06719.jpg
Sweet and clean S13 Silvia was lovely.

 photo DSC06791.jpg
With so many cars to capture, it was pretty much impossible to showcase all that were present that night, this meet totally blew my mind, it was wild and just madness. Pure madness, which will continue in Part 2. (Soon! I promise!)


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