Tokyo Auto-Otaku 2015: R(oppongi)WB

With the Tokyo Auto Salon right around the corner, my first day upon landing into Tokyo turned out to be a rather busy and tiring day, with places to go and meets to attend packed so close together on my schedule, i really only had my first meal of the day during dinner time, at a lovely burger joint called, The 3rd Burger. I’ll go slightly more in depth on the burg later but let’s get back onto the auto-otaku track.

 photo P1180796.jpg
Straight after grabbing a quick dinner and letting myself unwind for a few minutes with a cold biru, it was time to pound the pavement once again, this time towards Hard Rock Cafe Roppongi for Rauh-Welt Begriff’s yearly New Years meet & party.

 photo P1180771.jpg
 photo P1180773.jpg
 photo P1180795.jpg
When i arrived, the meet was already in full swing with a number of cars parked up and Nakai unloading some coveted RWB merchandise onto his car.

 photo P1180772.jpg
 photo P1180774.jpg
 photo P1180775.jpg
These pair of orange RWBs made for some nice pictures.

 photo P1180769.jpg
 photo P1180779.jpg
 photo P1180776.jpg
Although i was sort of hoping for more to turn up, it is still always cool to see the tribe of RWB coming together in a single parking compound.

 photo P1180778.jpg
With another meet lined up and a 45-minute journey in between, i headed back towards the train station (and out of the freezing cold) to conclude my rather intense first day of Speedhunting. Next stop, Odaiba.



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