Tokyo Auto-Otaku 2015: Bingo Sports – The showroom of Dreams

If you have ever lusted over a Supercar, you’ll probably find it here one day or another. This is the showroom of dreams, this is Bingo Sports.

 photo DSC06501.jpg
I’ve been following Bingo Sports for a short while on Facebook and since i was in Tokyo, i decided to drop by for a visit. Little did i know what was to be in store for me after my trek there. (And getting slightly lost along the way after stepping onto the wrong train)

 photo DSC06540.jpg
 photo DSC06542.jpg
The showroom glowed red as i approached and the immediate sight of a Ferrari Daytona took my breath away for this Prancing Horse had always been one of my childhood crushes ever since i had a 1/24 scaled Bburago of one of these…

 photo DSC06535.jpg
 photo DSC06504.jpg
…so the sight of not just one but two of these beautifully sculpted Ferraris totally floored me.

 photo DSC06525.jpg
Pictures totally fail to do justice to how lovely it is to behold. The long bonnet flowing down into the cabin and pulling up and curving inwards around the rear quarter panels. So very beautiful, so very exquisite. My heart palpitations becoming more and more noticeable as i soak in the atmosphere of this Italian beauty.

 photo DSC06537.jpg
Exposed rivets, leather tie-downs. Lovely. I think i can pretty much just cry right now just imagining how it must have sounded when it tore down racetracks generations ago.

 photo DSC06505.jpg
 photo DSC06513.jpg
 photo DSC06529.jpg
 photo DSC06532.jpg
The Daytonas were in good company, paired with a 288 GTO Evoluzione, one of five Worldwide, and an F40 LM. Another unicorn of mine. A blue 512Bb also sat behind the four Redheads.

 photo DSC06517.jpg
 photo DSC06512.jpg
 photo DSC06510.jpg
These cars are what dreams are made of.

 photo DSC06520.jpg
Sharing space with the Ferraris that night was a Porsche Carrera GT and a Pagani Zonda R.

 photo DSC06522.jpg
Look at the gorgeous carbon weaving. An extremely special car, though i kept finding myself being drawn back to the 365 GTB/4s.

I would have wished to have taken more pictures to share but i was advised to keep photography to a minimum. Personally, just seeing the Daytonas in the flesh was pure magic and something i will remember for years to come.

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