Tokyo 2015: It’s good to be back

 photo DSC09898.jpg
 photo DSC06453.jpg
5 years ago i headed to Tokyo to do what i called an “automotive pilgrimage”, hitting the Tokyo Auto Salon as well as various workshops in Tokyo, back then, i thought that would have been the one and only time that i would make such a trip. But as it turns out, it was just the catalyst for a few more trips up to Tokyo and the Auto Salon.

 photo DSC06456.jpg
 photo DSC06460.jpg
5 years after that first trip to the Tokyo Auto Salon, i have returned a few times to Tokyo and back again this year, a little older, a little slower and hopefully a little wiser.

 photo DSC09901.jpg
I don’t know what it is about Japan, but the more times i go, the more i like it. With each visit granting me a new experience and letting me learn more about the place and maybe to a certain extent, myself.

 photo DSC07058.jpg
One piece of advise for would-be Tokyo-ers? Always plan your trip and at the same time, always know that your plan will fail, but be of good cheer for one failed bit of planning will only bring about a whole new experience you would never have anticipated.

 photo DSC09889.jpg
 photo DSC_0424.jpg
 photo DSC06489.jpg
 photo DSC09848.jpg
 photo DSC09892.jpg
For those in the creative line, Japan is a must go, from the mainstream to the quirky, there is just so much to see and discover in Tokyo that everyone will be able to bring back their own unique experience.

 photo DSC06482.jpg
 photo DSC09787.jpg
 photo DSC09781.jpg
 photo DSC06484.jpg
Getting back on track, i won’t be going as in depth on the Tokyo Auto Salon posts as i used to but i hope what i have lined up will not disappoint. 😉

 photo IMG_20150114_094826.jpg
I will see you again next year Tokyo. Until then, let the Speed/Toy/Food-Hunting begin.


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