Happy New Year! Happy 2015! Happy Cars & Kopi!

Happy New Year everyone! 2014 sure has blitzed by rather quickly and with the twinkling of an eye, another year has come to an end and a new one is beginning. It had been a fruitful and extremely eventful year for myself and i hope it was just as good or even better for you. But regardless of how 2014 was, i wish everyone a blessed year ahead and may the kind God of automotive pleasures shine on you and your loved ones and keep you safe on the roads throughout 2015.

With a couple of holidays before the work week starts, what better way to kickstart the year than dragging ourselves out of bed on an early weekend morning for another Cars & Kopi meet! Especially since the last one was almost three months ago.

 photo DSC06334.jpg

 photo DSC06306.jpg

 photo DSC06368.jpg

 photo DSC06143.jpg
Though the number of cars that turned up were not as plentiful as the meet we had previously, as you can see from the opening pictures, there was never going to be a lack of quality.

 photo DSC06131.jpg
A personal highlight for me was the E46 M3 CSL. Some say it’s one of three, some say it’s one of two. All we know is, it’s a unicorn in these here parts of the World and it’s the stuff of dreams. (Mine at least)

 photo DSC06111.jpg
Those three little letters at the back and side flanks maketh magic they do.

 photo DSC06108.jpg

 photo DSC06123.jpg

 photo DSC06115.jpg

 photo DSC06098.jpg

 photo DSC06136.jpg

 photo DSC06206.jpg
Sasha Grey ’36 tried sliding up next to the CSL.

 photo DSC06092.jpg
Though the CSL pretty much did it for me, i’m pretty sure for many others, it was the presence of this lovely black Porsche 356. They don’t make elegant cars like these anymore.

 photo DSC06160.jpg

 photo DSC06259.jpg

 photo DSC06265.jpg

 photo DSC06172.jpg

 photo DSC06255.jpg

 photo DSC06247.jpg
It seems you’ll never roll around alone when you are in an Air Cooled Porsche, as various iterations of the 911 slowly lined up alongside.

 photo DSC06426.jpg

 photo DSC06150.jpg

 photo DSC06328.jpg

 photo DSC06151.jpg

 photo DSC06388.jpg
Or do you prefer a more modern take of the rear-engine theme?

 photo DSC06416.jpg
Choose your poison. R32 Godzirra or 993 Blackbird?

 photo DSC06381.jpg

 photo DSC06358.jpg
Another modern interpretation of an Air Cooled icon.

 photo DSC06352.jpg
Cheeky Barely Legal stickers. (NSFW link) 😉

 photo DSC06193.jpg
Elsewhere, a small but delectable trio of Italians showed up. All rocking 3.2 V6s.

 photo DSC06189.jpg
Does size matter when it comes to Motoring pleasure? Lotus thinks so.

 photo DSC06183.jpg

 photo DSC06179.jpg

 photo DSC06450.jpg

 photo DSC06305.jpg
On the other end of the power spectrum, a striking papaya orange MP4-12C.

 photo DSC06320.jpg

 photo DSC06311.jpg

 photo DSC06271.jpg
Another E46 M3, in non-CSL guise but still desirable.

 photo DSC06290.jpg
The always good looking Z4M rounding up the German contingent.

 photo DSC06297.jpg

 photo DSC06224.jpg
For those into Japanese metal, these two Japanese Nostalgic Cars might be your flights of fancy.

 photo DSC06236.jpg

 photo DSC06203.jpg
Toyotas from different eras but both of them iconic. Which would you pick if you had the chance? Celica or Hachiroku?

 photo DSC06430.jpg
Mooneyes sticker spotted on the Celica

 photo DSC06215.jpg

 photo DSC06433.jpg

 photo DSC06371.jpg
This Prelude was just recently rebuilt (DIY) by the owner. Kudos!

 photo DSC06281.jpg
The only non-pistonhead at the meet, the B-road warrior FC.

 photo DSC06278.jpg
Speaking of Lone Rangers, this Saab was also the only Griffin in attendance since the rest of its crew was away on a local drive.

 photo DSC06443.jpg
With most of our tummies filled with yummy breakfast and caffeine, it was time for most of us to head home.

 photo DSC06420.jpg
And here’s hoping for similar good weather for the next Cars & Kopi! Thanks to everyone for dropping by. Till we meet again! Next stop, Tokyo Japan!!!


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